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SOLD SOLD SOLD Handmade Oak Chopping Board



Handmade in Sussex natural oak chopping board. Large size; L54cm x W20cm x H4cm.

Sharp cut lines giving really pleasing finish.

This is a really large chunky chopping board that is very heavy.

Handmade using fallen oak from Sussex that is around 400 years old which we then sand to give a silky smooth finish and treat with food grade oil & wax.

All our boards are one of a kind. The wood will show natural pips and burrs which create pleasing patterns and detail. No two boards are the same and the natural details add to the charm!

Beautifully unique product that will provide a statement centrepiece to your kitchen.

Price includes postage to UK.

We can also make boards to order in an exact size or style.

Props not included in sale

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